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Lone Goat Challenge

Get motivated and earn some prizes along the way!

Prepare to push your riding limits this January. Brace yourself as you confront the Lone Goat Challenge from Jan 1st to the 23rd. Your mission? Ascend as many brutal feet of elevation as you can—whether it’s a virtual climb or a battle against the elements, every hard-earned foot matters!

🌟 How to Throw Down:

  1. Join our Strava group.
  2. Log your punishing rides throughout the relentless month of January.
  3. Submit your elevation gain in our form for verification, and brace yourself for impending glory!

🏆 Spoils Await:

The biggest climbers will compete to win special prizes! It’s not just about the climb; it’s about the glory and the loot at the top!

💪 Stay Motivated:

Beat the off-season blues and keep those wheels turning. The Lone Goat Challenge is your ticket to staying motivated, setting goals, and getting ready for 2024’s CRUSH fest!

👊 Time to Get Your Climbing Legs On:

Whether you’re a lone goat or part of the herd, let the Lone Goat Challenge push your limits. It’s not just a challenge; it’s a celebration of grit, determination, and the thrill of the climb!

Ready to ascend to new heights? Join the Lone Goat Challenge now! 🚀


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