Brass Tacks (packet-pickup, rules and regs)


  • Packet pickup will take place from 2-9:30 PM in the Historic Beaver Visitors Center at 40 South Main Street (directly West of the Post office) in downtown Beaver, Utah on Friday, July 13th. There will be NO on-site registration!!!!!
  • Race packets can ONLY be picked-up by the registered rider in-person, so bring some I.D.. We DO NOT mail race packets and goodie bags contents if you’re unable to make it to the race, sorry.
  • There are NO refunds or “rain checks”, however riders are able to transfer their entry to another rider for a fee through our registration site until 5 PM MST on July 7th.
  • Event will be held rain, shine, sleet or snow. After all, this race is called ‘The Crusher’.
  • In the event of extreme weather, natural disaster, etc. that could endanger participants or volunteers, the race may be shortened, postponed or canceled without refund.

Race Day:

Watch out for those chicks at registration, they’re Nihilists!
Day-of packet pickup closes at 7:15 sharp


  • Race day packet pickup will take place from 6-7:15 AM near the event start line located at 200 North, 100 East in Beaver, Utah. We encourage you to pick up your packet on Friday since the window on Saturday morning is narrow and you don’t need the extra stress, nor do we!
  • All categories will stage at the event start line located also at 200 North and 100 East on Saturday, July 14th at 7:45 to be addressed by the chief race official and given instruction for the day. Official Race start will be at 8:00 AM. Racers will depart at 1 minute intervals, staged according to category.

Post Race:

  • A post event lunch will be provided at the finish area for participants after they finish along with some CRUSHER entertainment. Lunch will be served starting at Noon through approximately 6 PM.
  • We will conduct awards as soon as we have enough riders in to fill out our podiums for each category.
  • CRUSHER podiums go 5 places deep, but you must be present to claim your reward! If a category has fewer than 30 registered entrants, the podium will go to 3 places.
  • Shuttle Service: For riders wanting a lift back to Beaver, we will be providing a shuttle service for race entrants and their bikes at (approximately) the following times from the finish area. Look for the school buses and hop on!
  • 3:30 PM Tentative First Departure
  • 5:30 PM Tentative Final Departure

Aid Stations:

  • There are 5 aid stations divided approximately every 15 miles over the Crusher route. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all participants will have more than enough support when it comes to Aid Stations. This to ensure that riders will NOT need to enlist outside help which would create extra vehicle traffic on the race route, in-turn impacting rider safety and the overall event experience. Please respect this! 
  • They’ll be stocked plenty of fresh water and First Endurance ” EFS”electrolyte drink, (in bottles), Bonk Breaker bars, assorted fruit plus a plethora of other snacks and goodies including cold cans of coke at the final Aid Station (#5).
  • Aid stations will have volunteers providing “hand-ups” of First Endurance EFS drink mix at all stations or plain water. If you want any solid food, you’ll need to pit-stop and sort through the goodies yourself.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer be handing-up First Endurance Liquid Shot gel flasks at the Aid Stations due to the resulting amount of litter that has been generated in year’s past… But fear not, each participant will get 1 Liquid Shot Flask in their goodie bags for you to start the race with. PLEASE discard the empty flasks in the trash bins at the Aid Stations or keep them in your pockets!
  • Remember to say “Thanks” to these gracious folks as you speed. A little appreciation goes a long way and without them this event could not happen!
  • PLEASE use the garbage cans at the aid stations to dispose of any trash. Anyone caught littering during the event will be taken off the results and barred from ever entering the event again.
  • Public Urination. No! No! No! There will be port-potty’s at the start area and it is IMPERATIVE that we keep ourselves in this community’s good graces!
  • Out on-course there will either be a porta-potty or a U.S. Forest Service outhouse located at or very near all Aid Stations and throughout the route. Please try to use only these areas for “nature breaks” and if you’re not near one of these, please be discrete!

Bottles and gels and watermelon, oh my!
Bottles and gels and watermelon, oh my!

Categories and Start Position:

  • There will be a ” Pro/Open” Men’s and Women’s categories. These are the only categories that will compete for a cash purse. This category is for the serious racer who would typically be a Pro or category 1, 2 or “A” in a licensed Road, MTB or CX race.
  • All other categories are age-based with the exception of the Single Speed which is “Open”.
  • Rider start positions will be as follows in 1 minute-staggered waves starting at 8 AM sharp:
  • Pro/Open Men
  • All Women’s categories, (mass-start, scored separate)
  • 45-49 Men
  • 60+ Men
  • 40-44 Men
  • Single Speed
  • 50-59 Men
  • 29 & Under Men
  • 30-34 Men
  • 35-39 Men

Age Requirements: Due to the extremely challenging nature of the course, all participants must be at least 18 years or older.

Rules of the Road:

Disobey the rules and you’re entering a world of pain, my friend. A WORLD OF PAIN.
Disobey the rules and you’re entering a world of pain, my friend. A WORLD OF PAIN. Don’t make me mark it Zero dude!


  • At NO point during the event will there be a fully-closed road and riders MUST obey all applicable traffic laws during the event. Use common sense and always stay in your lane of travel. Bottom line, Your safety is YOUR responsibility.
  • For approximately the first 10 miles (the initial paved sector) riders in large groups will have full use of the right lane of travel, but cannot ride left of the yellow line into the oncoming lane at any time during the event.
  • Groups will be monitored by “moto” officials and/or law enforcement and MUST obey said officials and officers or risk being tossed from the event!
  • Please ride as far right as possible . The “centerline rule” is always in-effect. This applies to both the pavement and dirt sectors.
  • Once riders have moved on to the first dirt-road section of the course at approximately mile 11, riders still must obey all traffic laws and use common sense. Even though there is no center-stripe, riders are expected to always stay in their lane of travel.
  • Keep your speed under control, particularly on the descents that are marked with “SLOW” signs. If you see one of these signs, trust us, there’s good reason for it.
  • Expect local vehicular and ATV traffic anywhere and anytime on the route and “rules of the road” apply!
  • At approximately mile 35 as the route enters the town of Junction and the route turns right on US Highway 89, riders MUST ride on the shoulder, right of the white line. (There’s plenty of room, the shoulder is nice and wide)
  • Once the race leaves the pavement and re-joins dirt fire-road outside of the town of Circleville, riders can resume “rules of the road” riding in “lane of travel” until re-joining the pavement for the final miles to the finish at Eagle Point Resort at which point the “yellow line” rule is once again in effect.
  • In the case of a re-route due to impassable conditions on the course, the above rules still apply! Ride smart and ride safe. No race is worth risking your life for!

Cut-off Times:

  • Riders who have not made it to the 2nd Aid Station at approximately mile 27 by 11:00 AM sharp will NOT be allowed to continue on the course and will have the option of either continuing directly to the finish area at Eagle Point Resort or turning around and descending back into Beaver to the start area. This is not only a safety issue, but also a time issue for our volunteers and law enforcement. There will be NO exceptions.
  • If you do not make the cut-off time or are unable for any reason to finish, please DO NOT go under our finish line truss as it could muck-up our results!
  • Riders may also be prevented from continuing on the course at this point if one of the certified EMT’s judge the rider of being incapable of continuing.
  • Riders who are not capable of getting back to either the start or finish areas under their own power will be transported by an event “sag” vehicle.
  • Roadirt Racing LLC reserves the right to remove and “DNF” any rider from the event that is deemed incapable of safely finishing the course for any reason.

Emergency Services:

First off, please don’t fall off and go boom, but if you do…

  • Emergency Services and EMT Support will be provided by the Beaver and Piute County Search and Rescue Units.
  • There will be basic First Aid available at Aid Stations and finish area.
  • In the event of a serious injury, the participant will be transported to the nearest emergency medical facility capable of addressing specific conditions or injuries.
  • A Life Flight helicopter will be in the area in the event of a serious medical emergency.
  • Riders are responsible for their own primary medical insurance coverage for any medical expenses incurred from participation in the event.

Rules and Reg’s and Common Sense:

Be cool. Have fun. Don’t be a dick. Those are the rules.

Ok, ok. For those of you who like to have things spelled-out to the letter, here goes…

  1. All riders are required to wear an ANSI or other approved helmet and cannot remove it at any time during the event.
  2. No support or follow vehicles are allowed on the race course. Trust me, our aid stations are going to be totally equipped to handle every participant’s needs from the Pro rider on down the line.
  3. Riders must ALWAYS obey all traffic laws and strictly obey any law enforcement persons or official race personnel. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.
  4. When passing other riders, use your common sense and pass on the left and let yourself be known when doing so. After you pass, resume riding as far right as safely possible. DO NOT PASS riders or vehicles on blind corners. You’re taking your life into your own hands by doing so. Definitely not worth it.
  5. Public urination or exposure is (as always) a definite NO-NO. Anyone reported violating this rule be removed from the event and barred from returning in the future.
  6. Public profanity will not be tolerated. Remember that you represent not only yourself, but all cyclists and more importantly, ME. I don’t want my family questioning what type folk I’ve been hangin’ out with for the last 30 years. As Grandma always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say…
  7. Riders are responsible for their own mechanical needs during the event. Refer to the FAQ section for more specifics on this.
  8. Take full advantage of the aid stations and stock up with the necessary fluids and food you’ll need to get yourself to the finish. Yes, I know we’re in the Rockies but don’t assume you’ll get to swallow a big June Bug over the pass to fight hunger knock.
  9. Be prepared for extreme changes in the weather. This race will take riders over some of the highest roads in Utah topping near 11,000 feet. Although it may be 90+ degrees in the shade down in the valleys, it could just as easily be snowing on the summits. A light windbreaker at the very least is a good idea. Sunblock is also a must at these altitudes.
  10. Event will take place rain, shine, sleet or snow. This race is called the Crusher, after all.
  11. In the event of extreme weather, natural disaster, etc. that could endanger participants or volunteers, the race may be shortened, postponed or canceled without refund.
  12. Refunds or Rollover:  Sorry, but there are no refunds or roll-over on entries. However, you are free to sell your entry to another entrant, which can be arranged by using the “entry transfer” link at our registration company Entries can only be transferred for the year they were purchased, ie., no rain-checks.
  13. Headphones, earbuds, etc. are NOT permitted during a race. Ignorance of the
    rules will not be accepted as an excuse.
  14. Racers are permitted to race in a more difficult category. i.e. 40 year old’s can race against the 30 year old’s.
  15. Each rider is classified according to their age on the day of the event.
  16. Policing category “Sandbagger’s” is not the event’s responsibility… ie, “He/She should be racing the Pro/Open category”etc.. Please don’t make it necessary for me to pull-rank. I hate that sort of thing!
  17. Equipment: Bicycles cannot have handlebar extensions or additions that mount anywhere EXCEPT the end of the handlebar (ie., bar ends on standard MTB handlebars are acceptable) in other words, NO AEROBARS!
  18. Riders must respect the directions of all course marshals at all times. If you’re told to stop by a course marshal, moto official, uniformed officer or otherwise, YOU MUST STOP!
  19. All riders must attend the pre-race briefing (riders’ meeting) held at the staging 30 minutes prior to the event.
  20. The responsibility of keeping on the prescribed course rests with the rider. A rider may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered to do so by public authorities or a race official.
  21. Short-cutting the course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A rider is required to stay on the designated road that is marked and or specified as the race course. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the designated race course. Lack of tape or barriers on the course, or misplaced signs will not constitute an excuse for cutting the course.
  22. Laws and ordinances of appropriate jurisdictions shall be observed during participation in the event.
  23. A rider may be DQ’d  for damaging or destroying public or private property. A rider may be held liable for all cost associated with the damage or destruction.
  24. Roadirt Racing LLC reserves the right to make changes to the course, delay start times and/or postpone or cancel the event without refund as necessary for safety or security purposes or at the request of permit issuers U.S. Forest Service and Utah Department of Transportation or local municipalities and law enforcement agencies.
  25. Lastly, please don’t make it necessary that I have to continue to add to the rules and regulations!.. Let’s just all be cool and enjoy ourselves. After all, that’s why we’re here, right?