“Everything I know about the Crusher” by “Grizzly” Adam Lisonbee

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Alright folks, we’re less than a month out from the 7th Crusher in the Tushar… Woohoo!!!!

That being said, quite a few of you have taken some initial reconnaissance trips to see exactly what the Crusher course holds. I know not all of you will be able to do your own recon, but local blogger and writer talent “Grizzly” Adam Lisonbee has been kind enough to share his observations and insights and, though this post is several years old now, it still holds up as the most in-depth look at Crusher preparation.


He’s got tons of pertinent info in here for the Crusher newbie and plenty even for the grizzled veteran… or is that “grizzly” veteran?

Enjoy the read and in the meantime, take your proteins pills and put your helmets on!



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On June 20, 2011

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