Updated Course Conditions 6/19/2017

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Howdy folks!

So, I got out and rode the course this past weekend to not only suss-out what the current conditions are looking like, but also as a reminder to myself what it is that I put you guys through every July. Let’s just say the memories flooded back and I recalled exactly why it is I chose to call it the “CRUSHER”!

But, I digress.

Course conditions: The course is overall in fantastic shape, though we could definitely use some moisture to tamp-down the dust. There is one caveat, though… UDOT has recently laid down copious amounts of gravel in areas and although this does much to keep the washboards down, it also creates some very loose conditions when we’re talking about descending. In particular, the switch-backing descent into the Piute Valley is particularly loose, meaning you riders will need to be extra vigilant in keeping your speed in-check lest you want to be picking gravel out of your backsides. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…. The Crusher has NEVER been won on the downhill, but it can definitely be lost there. We’ve had seen some pretty nasty spills in the past on this section and 99% of the time it’s because the rider is over-confident and think they can make up some time here. Well, I’ve seen some of the best riders in the business get in over their heads here, ending up a tattered mess. It’s not worth it!

It may sound like I’m trying to scare you , and you’d be right…. So ride those brakes and keep the rubber on the road!

I’ll have a final update on conditions when we’re a week-out from the event.

Till then, keep calm and C*R*U*S*H-ON!!!


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On December 8, 2011

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