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Entry Transfers Are Now Closed


We here at the Crusher understand that life can sometimes throw you for a curve… Perhaps you dropped a bowling ball on your foot or some other manner of disaster…

We’re very understanding, which is why we allow for riders to transfer their entry to another person if they find themselves unable to use it.

Of course, this isn’t ‘Nam. There are rules.

  • You can only transfer an entry for the current year…in other words, no rain-checks or refunds.
  • You must use our registration company to perform the transfer.
  • Transfers can be made to other genders and categories.
  • Compensation to the seller of the entry is NOT part of the transfer, so you will need to agree and arrange that between yourselves.
  • SELLERS: Please refrain from “marking up” the cost of the entry. Transferring is allowed as a courtesy by the CRUSHER. Don’t make me re-think being a nice guy!
  • The ability to transfer will end at 5 PM MST on Saturday, July 1st. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • It’s your responsibility to find someone to buy or sell an entry, not the event’s.

We’ve set up this page to help with the process.

Use the respective forums below if you have an entry you’d like to sell or if you’re looking for one. When you do finally make a Crusher love-connection, the owner of the original entry will then proceed to the entry transfer page at our registration company HERE to consummate the union and transfer the entry to the other person.

Please note: Transfer riders are not guaranteed sizing on the race t-shirt or socks since our orders on those items have to be placed well in advance of the cutoff date we allow for transfers.

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