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O n the morning of July 14th, 2018, 600 riders from around the world will descended on the quiet community of Beaver, Utah for the 8th-annual running of the ‘Crusher in the Tushar’. Come see what all the fuss is about as the eighth edition beckons…ok, taunts those who dare toe the line.

This uniquely formatted race begins in historic downtown Beaver, Utah the birthplace of famed outlaw “Butch Cassidy” and finishes at Utah’s newest ski and Summer resort, Eagle Point. Featuring a 40/60 split between tarmac and dirt & gravel sectors, the 70 mile course accumulates over 10,000 feet of elevation gain and affords riders the opportunity to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar Mountains and Fishlake National Forest.

Bro Tour
From Pro-Tour to Bro-Tour, The Crusher takes all comers!


Crusher Profile
Course Profile – click to embiggen

Starting on pavement the route heads East on Beaver Canyon Road (State Road 153) climbing gently as it parallels the ambling Beaver River.

Thomas Cooke
Thomas “T$” Cooke leads the Men’s 40-49 field during the inaugural edition of the Crusher moments before getting their first taste of Tushar dirt.

At mile 11 the real climbing begins as the course makes a right turn onto FR 137 where the road takes on an aggressive increase in gradient where riders encounter their first dirt sector, 21 miles in length. The first of five generously-stocked First Endurance Aid Stations will greet riders at mile 18. Climbing continues for another 4.5 miles where the outbound portion of the course tops out at an elevation of over 10,000 where the “Big Drop” begins.

Cash Zone
Holla for a Dolla! Gilly hand-up!

Here riders negotiate a white-knuckle, switch-backing, graveled & often washboard-filled descent with nearly 4,000 ft. of elevation loss. This delivers riders into the picturesque Piute Valley where the pavement resumes at mile 31.

Chris Bingham
DNA Cycling’s Chris Bingham holds on tight for the “Big Drop”

After descending, racers will enter the quaint town of Junction, The Piute County Seat, where they can utilize the 3rd First Endurance Aid-Station to top-off their reserves.

Aid Station
Bottles of First Endurance “EFS”, Bonk Breaker Bars and other treats greet riders along with the famously-friendly volunteers

From Junction the course heads south onto Utah Scenic Byway US-89 as it rolls for 5 miles alongside farm fields and the Sevier River (a designated Blue Ribbon trout stream) delivering you into the town of Circleville.

Chris Mackay Leads
Chris McKay leads an elite group of riders (Wren, Trebon and Shirley) on the stretch pavement between Junction and Circleville during the famously wet ’12 edition.

This is where the route heads back onto dirt at the notorious Doc Springs Road (known not-so affectionately as the “Sarlacc Pit“) with it’s deceptive grades, ruts and loose conditions.

Jamey Driscoll
Pro Cyclocorss Honch Jamey Driscoll on Doc Springs Road.

At it’s termination 5 miles later, riders can pit-stop at the penultimate First Endurance Aid Station where a left turn back on to State Road 153 begins the leg-busting, lung searing, soul-crushing climb of the now-legendary “Col ‘d Crush”

Tyler Wren
Tyler Wren crawls deep into the pain-cave in defense of his second CRUSHER title.

Riders will reach the DNA Cycling King/Queen of the Mountain line at event mile 56, situated at an elevation of 9,400 ft. But, don’t stop pedaling… there’s still plenty of “lift” before the finish line!

Tammy- acques
’96 Olympian Tammy Jacques negotiates one of the notorious switchbacks on the ascent of the ‘Col ‘d Crush’

3 miles beyond the KOM/QOM line the cool mountain air and ubiquitous aspens beckon along with the final First Endurance Aid-station at “Bentenson Flat” where the route bears North toward the “Big Flat” area with its abundant wildflowers and iconic Tushar Mountain views.












As Puffer Lake shimmers off of your right shoulder, this will signal where the dirt turns back to pavement for a final time as just under 4 excruciating miles now separate you from the finish line at the uppermost lift of Utah’s newest ski resort, Eagle Point.

Nicole Duke
CX phenom Nicole Duke digs-in before hitting the last stretch of tarmac to Eagle Point Resort

With the final turn on to Upper Meadows Drive comes one-last kick in the proverbial nuts as a truly rude mile of pavement delivers you to a finishing elevation just shy of 10,500 ft. above sea level!

Finish LIne
How’s it feel to sprint up a 12% grade at 10,000 ft? Well, this picture is worth at least 10,000 words….”OUCH!” is surely one of them.

After crossing the finish line participants will be carried by stretcher (kidding…sort of) and treated to a post-race lunch from the Timberline Restaurant and barley pops courtesy of Epic Brewing at our finish line at  Eagle Point Resort’s upper lodge.

Eagle Point
Ahhhhh! A couple riders take advantage of Eagle Point’s amenities

Congratulations my friend, you’ve just Crushed the Tushars. And, yes, that pain in your legs may last a few weeks, but the bragging rights last forever!

Kaolin Cummens
Kaolin Cummens displaying what can be only be described as extreme “Stoke” after finishing his first Crusher in the Tushar!